Our Services

Communities in Schools Southeast Harris and Brazoria County offers the following services:

Academic Support:

Tutoring, STAAR support, homework assistance, study skills

College & Career Readiness:

Career fairs, college field trips, career counseling, college nights, dress for success

Enrichment Activities:

Fine arts, before and afterschool programs, sports, field trips, leadership training, STEM (science,technology, engineering, math) activities

Parent & Family Engagement:

Adult education, family literacy, parent/family events, home visits

Health & Human Services :

Dental/health screenings, Backpack Buddies, personal hygiene, school supplies, safety awareness, life skills

Supportive Guidance and Counseling

Mentoring, character education, goal setting, team building, conflict resolution

After School Programs

Academic Assistance & Support

Assist students in meeting academic standards in core subjects

Educational Enrichment

Provides activities for students to explore youth development, drug and violence prevention, fine arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), physical activity, health and wellness

Parent and Family Involvement

Provides activities and adult education classes that help families support their students to be successful at school and in life.

College Career Readiness

Provides access to community service opportunities, mentoring, college preparedness, career exploration, summer academic programs and civic responsibilities.

Texas ACE Program Outcomes:

Results from statewide program evaluations of Texas ACE Programs have shown that participants, when compared to non-participants had:

Students served 19-20
Regular students (attending at least 45 days)
Adult family members served
Volunteer hours

Premier Academy

Academic Assistance & Support

Assist students with homework completion to help students meet and exceed state and local academic achievement standards in core subject areas

Educational Enrichment

We offer an array of enrichment activities including fine arts, technology, youth development, physical education, health and wellness, STEAM, and team-building.

Social & Emotional Learning

We strive to help students understand and manage their emotions, show empathy for others, to establish and maintain positive relationships and to make responsible choices.

Premier Academy Reviews:

“I love all the fun activities that I get to do with Premier. If I see my mom’s car pull up, I ask I can stay longer to finish my project and have some gym time.”
Premier Academy Student

“Premier Academy helps our family provide care for our son after school. Without this, we would definitely be in a bind. Our son loves being at Premier after school, and we love that he’s able to try and participate in a variety of engaging activities.”
Premier Academy Parent

“I love Premier Academy because we play basketball, paint, make fun projects and we have awesome teachers. I feel at home at Premier Academy.”
Premier Academy Student

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Crisis Intervention Program


Ensures that victims’ voices are heard and they receive the appropriate assistance

Assessing Victim's Needs

Determines the services that will help victims in the aftermath of a crime. Conducting a thorough needs assessment identifying a victim’s specific needs to refer the victim to the most appropriate resources.

Conflict Management

Manages conflict effectively and negotiate with others when conflict arises and helps resolve conflict by negotiating an outcome that’s acceptable to all parties involved.

Crisis Intervention

Identifies when a crisis has taken place, helps those who have experienced traumatic situations, understands what constitutes a crisis, and provides intervention when necessary.


Helps children and youth who are bullied, including helping victims in the short term, and prevention strategies to share with schools in the long term.

Mental Health Issues

Intervenes and supports those with disorders that profoundly disrupt a person’s thoughts, feelings, moods, ability to relate to others, and capacity for coping with the demands of life

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